Hello Everybody, My name is Sean Oliver, CEO/Founder/Owner of Hood HorkerZ Clothing & Hood HorkerZ Music. As well as the Proud Original Inventor of BOTH The Pipe Hoodie & Vape Hoodie! I am a 30 year old, Santa Cruz, CA., Local and I'm here now to answer a few frequently asked questions that you may be interested in.  Any further questions will gladly be answered by simply sending us a message by clicking on the 'Contact' Tab up above. 

Q. What Does 'Hood HorkerZ' Stand For? What Exactly Does It Mean?? 

A. Well back in the day, my friends and I used to refer to smoking as 'HORKING'. As in, if your friend was slowly hitting a pipe, you could say "Hey Brian Hurry Up And 'HORK' That Pipe". Or let's say that, you had smoked a lot of blunts the previous night. Which instead could be said "Shane, I Was 'HORKING' On Those Blunts All Night Long". So Thats where the word 'HORKERZ' came from. Then, since the new Drawstring Pipe I had invented went thru the 'HOOD' of the Sweatshirt, I came up with the 'HOOD' part. So when you combined the two it was simple …. 'HOOD HORKERZ'!!.. Which basically means 'Hood Smokers.'

Q. How Did You Come Up With The Idea To Put A Pipe Into A Sweatshirt? Or Any Type Of Clothing For That Matter?

A. I first came up with the idea for smokable clothing back in 2011, while living in Killington, Vermont. It all began on a day early March, when I showed up to this Burn-Out Friend of mine's Snowboard Shop to smoke, before going snowboarding for the day. He normally kept a pipe behind the counter, but thankfully for some reason, on that day, he had left it at home. Out of a bit of frustration, I pulled on the drawstring of my hoodie and immediately thought to make it into a pipe. I drove straight to the hardware store, where I bought tubing and different metal pieces, which I used to make pipes out of when I was younger. I then went home and played around with a few different ways to construct a pipe through the drawstring. Surprisingly I was able to construct one that worked quite well. Later that night I went out to a party, where it seemed like everybody who saw it, wanted to buy it from me. That is when I knew I had something worth really working hard for and it was time to learn about business, marketing, manufacturing, etc… Within a few weeks of making the first Pipe Hoodie, I made a Vaporizer Hoodie, by simply replacing the bowl piece with a Vape Pen. It was the obvious evolution of my original invention. I knew these inventions would soon be popular & in demand. So I contacted my cousin Brooke Scatchard, who has multiple Patents for his Snow Mountain Bike Innovations. To ask him how much Patents would cost and what i needed to do to get a Patent. He told me, that I needed a large amount of cash and to not sell any of my inventions, until I had a Patent filed. I then paid a lawyer to do a Patent search, to make sure nothing like either one of these inventions existed. Which absolutely nothing even close did, there was no type of clothing which allowed the user to either Smoke or Vape out of their apparel. So I kept working construction and doing Snowmobile tours, in order to save up enough money for Patents. I then realized it was time to move back home to California. Where I quickly teamed up with my Lifelong Friend & Incredible Artist/Graphic Designer/Photographer/Graffiti Writer/WSSC Living Legend, Brian Collier. So that together we could really take Hood HorkerZ to the next level!!

Q. Do You Have Any Patents Filed On Your Inventions??

A. After saving up over $40,000.00 I was able to pay Patent Attorney, Jeff Hall to File my Patents in April 2013. We could of Filed only one Patent with both the Pipe Version & Vape Version Included Together, but my Lawyer and I decided to File 2 Full Separate (all though connected as a C.I.P.) The Patents Are, Application Number: US 13/985,240 & Publication Number: US 20140304885 A1 . As Well As (Continuation-In-Part) Patent #2, Application Number: US 14/545,031 & Publication Number: US20150196061 A1 . They are currently Patent Pending, which grants us current protection from Infringers. Anybody who willfully Infringes on either one of our Published Patents will be Sued in So for the last few years, I along with the rest of the Hood Horkerz Team have been working to improve the functionality of the Pipe Hoodie. I have made many different versions of Vape Hoodies over the last few years and have been thoroughly testing different varieties to ensure that the consumer gets the best possible product. We have been selling the Pipe Hoodie for the last few years, in order to save up enough money for a new production facility in Santa Cruz, where we will produce the Vape Hoodie. This way I can employ as many people in my hometown as possible and make sure we always produce a quality product.. Coming late summer 2016 Hood Horkerz Vape Hoodies!!!! We started with Smokable Hoodies, but after the fantastic reaction to The Worlds First Smokable Suit. Which I was honored to have Rappin 4 Tay represent at The 2015 Grammys. I have so many more ideas, which will be being released in the near future. So keep an eye on your friends here at Hood Horkerz.

Q. Where Are The Hood Horkerz Hoodies Made And Who Are They Made By? 

A. We do all of the Silk Screening for each and every Smokable Hoodie ourselves. In our independantly run Silk Screen Shop here in Santa Cruz, CA. We do this instead of going over seas and cutting costs for higher profits in order to maintain a certain level of quality, as well as the satisfaction of being able to employ lifelong friends. Our glass is hand blown by Jeff, of Mt Baker Glass Works. As well as sometimes by the homies over at Irie Motivations, here in Santa Cruz. As of March 2016, I am very pleased to announce the Hood HorkerZ addition of longtime friend Casey McCormick, who will be supplying us with some additional amazing and unique hand blown glass. We hand assemble each Drawstring Pipe and make sure everything is perfect ourselves right here at The Hood HorkerZ Compound, In Santa Cruz.

Thank you all very much for your interest in Hood Horkerz. We are a small independently run company, so we really appreciate the support we have been getting from all of you wonderful people around the world. If you have any additional unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible with an answer for you.